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Dabayari (1988)

Stradbroke Island

Dana Marea (1965)

Off Bribie Island, Sunshine Coast

Daphne (1893)

Off Wide Bay, Fraser Coast. Other info Newspaper article|||l-year=1893

See Cosmopolite

Dawn (1870)

Cooloola Coast, Double Island Point. Fully salvaged. Scrapped Darwin 1891. Other info Newspaper article|||l-year=1870

Dawn (1925)

Mary River, Hervey Bay

Day Dawn (1907)

Lost off Swain Reefs Other info Newspaper article

Barque 600 tons, built in Ost Hammelwarden (Hamburg). 1n 1883, she was wrecked on Polmaise reef while bound for Rockhampton from London with general cargo. ...

No information as yet. NOTE: discrepancy in where vessel was wrecked. One source has it as Moreton Bay. Patterson and Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks ...

Diana (1864)

Schooner 103 tons. Built in Sydney 1847 and registered in Melbourne (2/1849), she was wrecked on Fairfax Island (middle island - Bunker group) while loading ...

Iron screw steamer. Visible wreckage Dicky  Beach, Caloundra. Opposite surf Club Newspaper article

335 ton Brig, ran aground on Kenn Reef during a voyage from Melbourne to Batavia, Travelling in Ballast with a crew of 14 Newspaper article Other ...

Tweed Bar. North Head Other info

Dolphin (1963)

Hopper Barge - 350 tons and 145 feet long. She was built in Maryborough (Queensland) in 1887. She was scuttled in August 1963 to form part of the ...

Dolphin (1942)

Lost off lady Elliot Island Other info

Dorrigo (1926)

715 ton Cargo Ship lost South east of Double Island Point, Coolool Coast Newspaper article|||l-title=61|||l-decade=192|||l-year=1926 Other ...

Dorshae (1966)

Off Cape Moreton, Moreton Island

Drag-n-Fly (1988)

Deception Bay

Drehna (1900)

Lost off Flinders Passage Other info Newspaper article

Dugong (1914)

Wide Bay bar, Fraser Coast

Dugong (10)

Discarded at Myora Other info  

Other info

Newspaper article|||l-decade=184|||l-title=14 Other ...

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